About the Photographer

Photography is the medium of expectations—we expect a photograph to capture some element of reality; we expect that it will speak to us with some level of the truth; and we expect our understanding of the subject to deepen as a result. While these potentials are often realized, photography is by nature just a tool; it has no inherent capability to lead, or mislead us, beyond the intentions of the person behind the camera. Photography gives us reality and truth, the question is: whose reality? whose truths? The answer is, of course, the photographer, and that is why photography remains so personal despite it’s best attempt to appear objective.

I am a storyteller and photography is my voice. While the quality of my photography is based in part on technique and aesthetic sensibility, I would hope, and often believe, that my relationships with people and their worlds is what gives me an effective hand at creating images. Sensitivity, interest, and patience are the tricks of the trade—depending that is, upon your expectations.

Ned Castle was born in 1984 in Burlington, Vermont. Since graduating from Williams College in 2006, he has worked as a photo-ethnographer with individuals, organizations, and communities in the Northeast United States, and abroad.